Campaign Issues


My mission as Assessor is to effectively and efficiently administer all taxable properties in Orange County under the California Constitution and the Revenue and Taxation Code in a manner that assures public confidence in accuracy and fairness.

My vision is to make the Orange County Assessor Office the most efficient and effectively run Assessor Office in California and to become a role model for other counties to follow.

I am dedicated to maximize the efficacy in performing all the functions of the Assessor’s Office such as providing excellent public service and information to the public as well as to public agencies.

I will implement new ideas and continue to seek improvement and excellence to the following:
  • Develop a data program that will make Assessor information readily available for the public.
  • Focus on cyber security to ensure that the private information of all taxpayers is protected from security breaches.
  • Establish a comprehensive public education service programs such as free business seminars and training videos to educate business owners on preparing and filing business property statements (571-L)
  • Initiate small business tax savings by increasing the Low Value Exemption for Personal Property Tax from $3,000 to $10,000.
  • Provide the necessary training to employees, empowering competent job performance and increasing professional development.
  • Hire new appraisers and support staff. It is important that the Assessor’s Office have sufficient appraisal and support staff to ensure accuracy and fairness of assessments.
  • Solicit continual feedbacks and input from the public we serve.
  • Encourage open communication and teamwork within the Assessor’s Office.
  • Foster employee self-development by providing opportunities for employees to join professional organizations, associations and educational training.
  • Recognize contributions and performance for staff whose jobs are well done and foster a collaborative work spirit that will attract and retain quality talents.
  • Improve the OC Assessor website to include multiple language instruction pages such as Spanish, Chinese and Vietnamese.
  • Enhance the OC Assessor website platform to be more accessible and searchable regardless of whether our customers use a desktop computer or mobile device.