Dear Taxpayer,

My name is Richard B. Ramirez. As a faithful public servant of the Orange County Assessor’s Office for 20 years, it is my greatest honor to officially announce that I am running for Orange County Assessor.

As the County Assessor, my responsibility will be to ensure that all taxable properties in Orange County are accurately and equitably assessed. It is critical that the County Assessor’s Office performs its duties at the highest standards because essential public services such as schools, public safety, urban planning, and transportation are some of the direct beneficiaries to the local assessment roll. For example, the Orange County total assessment roll for 2015-2016 is valued at $504.65 billion, generating $6.32 billion in property tax collection. Out of the total tax collection, 6% was distributed to the county government, 11% to cities, 62% to schools, 10% to redevelopment trust funds and 11% to special districts in Orange County, making the County Assessor’s Office an invaluable asset to the community for its infrastructural development within the county.

Moreover, as your County Assessor, I will be dedicated to the needs of each and every community and taxpayer in Orange County as I pledge to be a faithful steward of all resources that are entrusted to me. I will employ innovation, information and technology to advance the capability of the County Assessor’s Office. I will encourage collaboration among team members and to inspire and develop my staff to their fullest potential. Together, we will bring a positive influence to our communities and make the government work for everyone.

I am honored and grateful for the support of many citizens in Orange County including pastors, attorneys, CPA’s, realtors, business and property owners. If elected I will bring fairness, integrity, efficiency, accountability and excellence to the Orange County Assessor’s Office.

I respectfully ask for your vote on June 5, 2018.



Richard B. Ramirez